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Pati Kachel loves God, His people, and His Holy Word...and she loves to tell stories about all of these!


Her personal mission is to educate, encourage, enrich and entertain listening audiences through her original storytelling productions.


Memorable and meaningful, Pati’s stories are humorous, heartwarming and above all, Christ-centered. She simply shares heart-to-heart through storytelling, singing, teaching, and testimony. With just a few simple props, colorful hats, and costumes, she keeps her spectators fully engaged. Audiences easily receive her gentle voice and joyful spirit.


Pati has a genetic predisposition for telling stories. Her beloved Grama Ollie Kachel had the gift of gab and tickled the ears and hearts of her family with her tales of growing up with 11 siblings. Her golden-voiced Great-Uncle Arthur Kachel was an orator and actor with the traveling Chautauqua shows.


Drawing on her Norwegian and German heritage, Minnesota-born Pati Kachel weaves family stories and colorful characters into her homespun tales. Her flair for the stage became apparent early in life. At the age of four, she was found delighting a crowd with her singing and dancing at the neighborhood library’s bookmobile. She has enjoyed books and entertaining her audiences ever since!


Pati honed her craft in high school where she was encouraged to excel in speech, creative writing, music, and art. She went on to graduate with a degree in Communication Arts and then began attending workshops to learn more about this performance art under master storytellers.


Pati's Spirit-filled walk began within her loving Lutheran family. As a young teenager, she made a decision to follow Jesus Christ through the ministry of Young Life. While attending college in Tucson, Arizona she was involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. Over the years she has served in women’s ministries leadership, on worship teams, and hosted many small-group Bible studies.


With a colorful spectrum of stories encompassing genres from Anne of Green Gables to "Heart Strings and Apron Strings," she can enchant both young and old audiences. With a collection of over 35 time-tested, crowd-pleasing programs, she offers something for everyone. In 2006, her characterization of Corrie ten Boom became a touchstone for this nationally known storyteller.


For over 35 years, Pati Kachel has been entertaining audiences around the Midwest and beyond with her interesting and inspiring story programs. She has presented in churches, retreat centers, public and private schools, universities, libraries, homeschool co-ops, camps, senior residences, hospitals, prisons, coffeehouses, tea rooms, and bookstores. She has traveled extensively sharing her stories and songs from Pittsburgh to Seattle. Internationally, she has performed in Canada and the Netherlands.


In January 2010, Pati became the communication director and primary storyteller for The Parable Fund, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to share earthly stories based on scriptural truths communicating Judeo-Christian values. This unique opportunity allows Pati to devote herself full-time to the art of storytelling. When she is not on the road telling stories, Pati enjoys having friends over for afternoon tea parties and scrapbooking nights at her very cozy and cluttered home in Shoreview, Minnesota.

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