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Meet Pati Kachel


Pati Kachel loves God, His people and His Holy Word...

and she loves to tell stories about all of them!


Pati inspires listeners through stories and programs about the abundant life found in Jesus Christ. She entertains audiences in churches, retreat centers, conference centers, schools, libraries, living rooms, homeschool co-ops, camps, senior residences, hospitals, universities, prisons, coffeehouses, tea rooms and bookstores. Pati has traveled extensively, having presented story programs and songs from Pittsburgh to Seattle and throughout the Midwest. Internationally, she has performed in Canada,the Netherlands and Germany.

Memorable and meaningful, Pati's stories are humorous, heartwarming and above all, Christ-focused. She simply shares heart-to-heart through storytelling, singing, teaching and testimony. She creatively incorporates an appreciation for music, literature, poetry and travel into these programs. Pati carefully weaves words and imagery to draw listeners into her stories. With a few simple stage props, colorful hats and costumes, she keeps spectators fully engaged. Audiences easily receive her gentle voice and joyful spirit.


For over 3 decades, this nationally known performer has belonged to Salt of the Earth Storytellers, an ecumenical fellowship of Biblical storytellers. She is also a founding member of the Twin Cities-based Story Arts of Minnesota, which promotes the craft of storytelling and supports performers to develop as creative artists.  


She welcomes the opportunity to provide wholesome and edifying entertainment for organizations. View her wide variety of Story Programs to find the best story program match to meet your group's needs.


Pati is available to present these programs through The Parable Fund. This nonprofit organization's mission is to share earthly stories based on scriptural truths communicating Judeo-Christian values. 


"Find what fills you up deep inside and do that every day of your life." - Holley Gerth


"My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of Him who sent me and finish His work."   - John 4:34

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