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Presentations for Women's Retreats


A Time For Everything Under Heaven

Our lives have many different seasons in them. Through telling personal faith stories and singing her gentle songs, Pati shares her practical insights into the timeless truths of chapter three in the book of Ecclesiastes. Her listeners will discover, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Presented during four separate one-hour-long sessions, this format allows women time for fellowship, meals, and recreation time together, all within a restful and reflective structure. Small group discussion sheets and helpful handouts of the scriptures applicable to everyday life are provided. 


Give Me A Break!

Are you stressed or blessed? The Bible has all kinds of helpful and humorous stress-management tips. Learn God’s remedy for a balanced life with scriptural truths and helpful stories. Listeners will understand how to get their spiritual batteries recharged. An excellent talk for a day retreat, offering time for personal reflection and refreshment.


Just A Closer Walk

Pati opens her suitcase of memories from her travels around the world to share testimonies, true stories, and songs of how God has heard and answered many prayers in her life. She brings a message to encourage people to pray, wait and trust in God’s faithfulness every step of the way. Prayer helps make the journey of life more joyful!

In God's Waiting Room

Sometimes we pray and pray about situations and concerns in our lives and God asks us to just wait for His answer. While we are waiting, God is still working behind the scenes, orchestrating the details and arranging the perfect timing for His sovereign plan to unfold. I will share some songs and scriptures that have encouraged my heart and given me peace as I have waited upon the Lord to make His highest and best plans come to pass in my life. I will share how God has come through for me in miraculous ways when I have put my trust in Him and in His perfect timing. This is a FUNSHOP, not a workshop!


Reimbursement for Pati Kachel's roundtrip mileage from her home in Shoreview, MN to the destination of the retreat will be calculated using MapQuest. Please provide the complete street address where the retreat will be hosted and she will accurately calculate the total roundtrip miles traveled door to door. The current IRS Standard Mileage Rate for 2023 is 65.5c ents per mile.


Planning to lead a retreat requires many hours of prayerful preparation prior to the actual date of the event. A minimum donation of $150-$250 for EACH 45-60 minute retreat session is suggested. If Pati is asked to develop story presentations adapting to a particular theme, even more time is required to research and write new material. She will gladly work with you to meet your retreat goals. This is Pati's full-time vocation and income from retreats funds our ministry operations.


If the retreat involves an overnight stay, private lodging for Pati must be provided.


Thank you for honoring these requests.

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