Story Portraits of Inspiring

Christian Women




Through the imagery of story and song, Pati paints the portraits of amazing Christian women through the centuries, whose contributions to the world have left a legacy worth remembering. With humor and historical commentary, listeners will be inspired by the achievements and accomplishments of these heroines of Heaven. Each one-hour-long program features the life story of one of these inspiring believers. These programs have been creatively scripted to motivate and encourage today’s women of all ages to serve Christ with their whole hearts.


Corrie ten Boom

Corrie and her courageous Christian family helped hundreds of Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of Holland during WWII. The captivating story of their work in “God’s Underground” is retold in this enthralling program called, Conversations With Corrie. Dressed in costume and with Dutch accent, Pati transforms herself to authentically portray 82-year-old Miss Corrie ten Boom recalling “The Hiding Place” years. Listeners will be deeply touched by the wisdom and insight of this unforgettable communicator of God’s love.


In our encore dramatization called, Gems From Corrie’s Crown, Pati portrays Miss Corrie ten Boom sharing the godly wisdom gained from her travels as she tramped around the world for the Lord. This program features the very essence of who Corrie was and the very best of what she wrote and published after the war to encourage the hearts of fellow Christians. 


Katharina von Bora Luther

2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation. Christians around the world are celebrating their historic roots. Katharina Von Bora was the beloved wife of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther. Dressed in Medieval costume and with a German accent, Pati Kachel delightfully portrays Katie Luther. Based on extensive research, this presentation is historically accurate and seasoned with good humor. Katie Luther: Here I Stand! is a creative charactrizaion of her life story. Listeners will enjoy learning about her abundant life as a Christian woman of great faith, a wife, a mother and a happy homemaker. 


Mother Teresa

She walked through the streets of India answering her divine call to serve the poorest of the poor. Teresa shared God’s love, joy and compassion with this needy world, one person at a time. In Treasures from Teresa, listeners will hear how she put her Christian faith into action and how they can too!


Ruth Bell Graham

She was the beloved wife of evangelist Billy Graham and the mother of their five children. Told through words from her personal journals and poetry, Pati shares the wonderful wisdom, warmth and wit of this gifted writer. A delightful collection of photographic memories is displayed, making The Life and Legacy of Ruth Bell Graham a real crowd pleaser.


Susanna Wesley

This wise woman spent her lifetime studying scripture, praying, teaching and making disciples. Oh Susanna! is our tribute to this extraordinary English mother and pastor’s wife. Her devotion to Jesus Christ profoundly influenced the spiritual destiny of her many children, including John, Charles and Samuel Wesley. For this presentation Pati actually portrays Susanna, wearing a 17th Century costume. She tells her remarkable life story in the first person narrative style, complete with a British accent!


Florence Nightingale 

The Lady With A Lamp tells of Flo’s decision to leave the expectations of British high society to answer God’s call to service. She diligently persevered to elevate the role of nurses and brought lifesaving reforms to healthcare. 


Helen Keller

Her eyes could not see, her ears could not hear, but she had a strong will, a clever mind and a heart of gold. Through her writing and speaking, God used Helen Keller’s life story to bring hope and inspiration to others with hindered abilities. This presentation is titled, A Bright Light in a Dark World.




Amy Carmichael 

This determined and devoted Irish lass served as a missionary, rescuing thousands of needy children in the streets of India. She founded an orphanage, a mission, and wrote many books, poems and beautiful hymns.


Catherine Booth

With hearts full of compassion for the lost and destitute of London, together with her husband William, she helped establish The Salvation Army.