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Costumed Characterizations

of Inspiring Women

Conversations with Corrie ten Boom

Known best for her book, The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom was part of a Christian family who helped hide and smuggle hundred of Jewish people out of Holland during WWII. In this presentation, Pati resurrects Corrie's legacy of courage and wisdom, donning an authentic costume, a handful of props, and a Dutch accent. Performed countless times, Pati's most popular program brings her audiences to both tears and laughter. Please note: this program runs 75-minutes-long with no intermission.

Gems from Corrie's Crown

This is an encore dramatization of Corrie ten Boom. In this presentation, Pati unfolds more stories about Corrie's life after the war. This program features the very best of what  Corrie experienced and learned while she traveled around the world sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. With humor and humility, this silver-haired saint imparts her godly wisdom to encourage the hearts of fellow Christians.

Oh Susanna!

Susanna Wesley was a wise woman who spent her life studying scripture, praying, teaching, and making disciples. This program is a tribute to this extraordinary English mother and pastor's wife. Her devotion to Jesus Christ profoundly influenced the spiritual destiny of her many children, 

including John, Charles and Samuel Wesley who established The Methodist Church of England.

Katie Luther: Here I Stand!

Katharina Von Bora was the wife of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther. Her life was a shining reflection of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. In this costumed characterization, listeners will be introduced to her abundant life as a supportive wife, godly mother, and happy homemaker. An extensive tabletop display of portraits, books, and artifacts help her listeners step back into medieval Germany with Katie.

Here is a link to watch an edited-down version of this program. It runs approximately 22-minutes-long:

Florence Nightingale - The Lady With A Lamp

In this program, Pati portrays Florence reflecting on her life as she writes her memoirs. She tells of Flo's decision to leave the expectations of British high society to answer God's call to service. She diligently preserved to elevate the role of nurses and brought lifesaving reforms to healthcare.

Story Portraits of Inspiring Women

Treasures from Mother Teresa

She walked through the streets of Calcutta, India answering her divine call to serve the poorest of the poor. She shared God's love, joy, and compassion with this needy world, one person at a time. Listeners will learn how she put her Christian faith into action and how they can too! An artful tabletop exhibit of photos and books about her life are displayed.

The Life & Legacy of Ruth Bell Graham

Ruth was the beloved wife of the late evangelist Billy Graham and the mother of their five children. Told through words from her personal journals and poetry, Pati shares the wonderful wisdom, warmth, and wit of this gifted writer. A delightful collection of photographic memories are artfully displayed on a tabletop. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

As Pati narrates the story, large photographs are viewed by the audience.

Helen Keller - A Shining Light in the Darkness

Her eyes could not see, her ears could not hear, but she had a strong will, a clever mind, and most of all a heart full of God's love for people. In this program, Pati tells how God used Helen's writing and speaking to bring hope and inspiration to other 

A Story Portrait of Maud Lindsay - American Educator & Author

Maud McKnight Lindsay was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in 1874. During her lifetime she was a best-selling author of 14 children's storybooks and a beloved kindergarten teacher. She dedicated her entire life to her young students by igniting the love of learning - using creative play, songs, and storytelling into her lesson plans. Her children's stories were printed in over 60 elementary school textbooks that were read across the country. Many were translated into other languages. She was a childhood playmate and a close lifelong friend of Helen Keller. This is an inspirational program written especially for anyone who works in early childhood learning or elementary education. This presentation premiered in May 2019 for the Delta Kappa Gamma Society of Women Educators of Iowa. They loved learning about this outstanding teacher and listening to some of the stories which she wrote. An artful tabletop exhibit featuring vintage photographs and her antique books is also displayed.

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