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What Pati's Audiences Are Saying...



"I just wanted to share with you that your presentation of Heart Strings & Apron Strings was very special. I have read all of the feedback cards and the women enjoyed the evening immensely. Your program was rated excellent.

I want to thank you for such a delightful evening. I learned so much about aprons and their connections to family histories through your tender and humorous stories."

- Val Moeller, Minneapolis, MN


"You do amazing work. To stay in character for that long, make jokes in the context of today, and to be able to speak with the emotion as if you are that person (Corrie ten Boom) was really, really impressive. You had that audience in the palm of your hands the entire time.
am so glad that I came."

- Mark P, MN


"Your love for the Lord and for His Word together with your gift of storytelling combined to bring a great blessing to all of us. Your Corrie ten Boom program was so well done. Having heard Corrie speak both in person and on film, you really sounded like her! You do a great job of honoring her and her Lord and Savior. The women said this was the best women's event we've had. It will be hard to top it!"

- Rev. Doug Green, Clouquet, MN



"We sure appreciated your words of wisdom from 'Heart Strings and Apron Strings.' You are truly a blessing to others. May God continue to bless you as you share your stories!"

- Barb Ingalsbe, Paynesville, MN



"Thanks for sharing your joy and love for Jesus again this year! We are avid Pati fans and are sure to have you join us again and again. We sure appreciate you and pray your ministry goes above and beyond you could have ever imagined!"

- Diane Drake, Roseville, MN



"Many thanks for helping to make our Mother's Day celebration memorable and meaningful."

- Eileen Phiefer, Plymouth, MN



"You certainly are a gift from God. I just love to listen to you speak. I really think you are the best speaker I have ever heard. You are right up there with Joyce Meyers!"

- Sherry McGough, Minnetonka, MN



"What a blessing you have been to us on our weekend retreat. A wonderful presentation of everything in a soft-spoken manner. The special stories of famous Christian women were excellent and your personal stories were delightful."

- Maxine Olson, Amery, WI



"On Sunday your short story prior to my sermon was so well done; it fit perfectly. And your 'Bloom Where You're Planted' story program during our Sunday School hour was also beautifully done - inspiring and captivating. The time flew by!

- Rev. Doug Green, Cloquet, MN



"We appreciate all that you do for us. Our tea customers really love you and your stories. You are indeed a big blessing to our little tea room!"

- Becky Radel & Jan Boe                                   The Avalon Team Room, White Bear Lake, MN



"Your 'Patchwork Quilt of Stories' was a very nostalgic weave of tales and very much enjoyed, as attested to by all of the flattering comments I've received about you."

- Alice MacPherson, Osseo, MN



"Your program for our students was awesome!"

- Judy Strohbehn, Nevada, IA



"Thank you for a wonderful evening at our Kindred Sisters event. You brought a lot of joy to each of us who came." 

- Jeannie Balfonz, Mahtomedi, MN



"So many gals came up to me and thanked me for finding you! You were just great and shared a wonderful message through your story program."

- Joyce Kallestad, Deerwood, MN



"Thank you for being Spirit-led and providing a meaningful beginning to the Advent season. Response to your program has been overwhelmingly positive. God bless you and your ministry.

- Lorna Peck, White Bear Lake, MN



"Thank you for being a godly example of how to live life well as a single person. I've learned a lot from your consistent integrity. May God continue to bless you in your storytelling ministry."

- Julie Christianson, Oakdale, MN



"I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for being a part of our fall conference. God used you to minister to us that day in a beautiful way through the art of your storytelling. Thank you for sharing your gifts and yourself with us."

- Carol Lund, Minneapolis, MN



"Thank you so, so much for stepping in at the last minute and making our retreat weekend very, very special. I will pass along your brochures to everyone I can. You have a beautiful giving heart."

- Penny Roy, Farmington, MN




"Thank you for sharing with our women's group. It was great to finally hear you and I enjoyed the insights that God has given you. I especially appreciated your vulnerability and honesty. I think this is rare to find in a speaker and God touches people through your authenticity. God bless you as you continue to be faithful in this call."

- Cheryl Eliason, Shoreview, MN



"Thank you for sharing your giftedness with us. Your storytelling is such a rare gift. It was so beautiful it brought me to tears at the end of your program! Your words, simplicity, and gentleness seemed to reach into hearts and souls unlike anyone else I have ever met."

- John Race, Bertha, MN



"What a ministry you have acted upon. I see the radiant light of Christ in you and your humility."

- Janie Jasin, Victoria, MN



"I know you blessed our women. I had several mention this to me specifically. You touched both young and old who came to our event."

- Vickie Selness, Apple Valley, MN



"Your storytelling at our church was a night of great fun! It is so good to laugh! Your ministry to the body of Christ is very valuable."

- Kathie Ware, Brookfield, WI



"Hearing your story program was a blessing for us. We found great encouragement listening intently to your tales. You had us laughing and crying, too."

- Sarah & Patrick Riedel, Hillpoint, WI



"What a gift you are! Thank you for coming down to be with us. You enriched the lives of our campers with your stories and songs. You opened your heart to us and shared the truth of God's Word so well."

- Johanna Bontrager, Washington, IA



"You're like a ray of sunshine that makes the world warmer and brighter. It's easy to see God's love working through you. Thank you for loving to tell your stories and that you shared that love with us."

- Joyce Anderson, Paynesville, MN



"Thanks so much for your very inspiring apron presentation. I was WOWed! It was so funny and lighthearted and though provoking, too."

- Lois Finke, Brooklyn Park, MN



"You've inspired us with your warmth, talent and love for the Lord."

- Kim Stariha, Blaine, MN



"What a wonderful retreat weekend! Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories with us."

- Joan Magnuson, Mounds View, MN



"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your sharing with our church women at our winter tea. It was a refreshing time and God used you to 'fill our cups' with laughter and encouragement."

- Naomi Sherf, Solway, MN



"God's blessings on you as you continue to witness of God's love and faithfulness in your life to others."

- Charlotte Peper, Georgetown, WI


"We are getting lots of compliments and praise for your presentation! You made our event a great success!"

- Shirley Fleischhacker, Maple Grove, MN



"I truly enjoyed your stories. What a wonderful way to minister through laughter and tears with and through Christ's love."

- Pam McDonald, St. Paul, MN



"Thank you for speaking at our women's tea. You have a wonderful ministry. We pray God blesses you as you continue to use your gifts for His glory."

- Linda Larson, Brooklyn Park, MN



"Thank you for using kind and wise words from your heart and love from His heart to minister to us."

- Kathy Busch, Inver Grove Heights, MN



"How touching, loving and beautiful your presentation was! What a privilege it was to hear you and be inspired by your stories."

- Bonnie Zimmer, Houlton, WI

"May your stories continue to touch, entertain and soften hearts throughout the new year and beyond!" 

- Kelly Gitts, St. Paul, MN



"I've just finished watching your portrayal of Corrie ten Boom, and I am overwhelmed with emotion. You made her story very real for me and you have touched my heart. Telling her story as Corrie brings it to life in a way that telling stories about her just couldn't match. You have an amazing talent, and are using it in a beautiful and loving manner."

- Cathie Grow, Fort Collins, CO



"A note of special thanks to you for sharing your 'Patchwork Quilt of Heartwarming Stories' at our women's fellowship gathering. Your meaningful stories and beautiful songs warmed our hearts and inspired us to live out our faith each new day."

- Miriam Webber, Hubbard, IA



"Thank you for being willing to be used by the Lord this weekend for our Spring Rain Retreat. May God continue to bless your ministry and give you an increase in it."

- Rev. Sandy Casady, Buffalo, MN


“We want to thank you for your wonderful stories and all of those lovely aprons you brought. You made so many happy faces that day.”

– Kathy Boesen, Plymouth, MN


“What a talented lady! You continue to amaze me with all the gifts God has given and invested in you…teaching, storytelling, singing, artistic, friendly approachable, honest, and just genuinely likable. May the Lord continue to encourage you as you have encouraged so many of us today.”

– Corrine Lowenberg, Shoreview, MN


“Your storytelling ministry must go on! What a talent you have to give out the Gospel in this unique way. We love you and we love listening to you. Your blessings are still felt, always pouring out to others!”

- Rhoda & Menke Menken, Springfield, MO



“A great big ‘thank you’ for the great big program you gave us. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all!”

– Ellen Grabenstetter, Hugo, MN


“Thank you so much for your inspirational program and vocal music. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day, the lunch and you! We are planning to have you come again next year!”

– Bethany Anderson, Stillwater, MN


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming and speaking…and beautiful speaking it was! Again, today, someone stopped me and raved about the program. ‘Very good.’ ‘The best program we’ve had,’ and positive comments like that.”

– Kay McDaniel, Paynesville, MN


“We wanted to extend a special thank you for speaking at our luncheon. Your message was truly wonderful to hear. God has certainly blessed you through your ministry and we hope He continues to do so. He’s given you many wonderful talents to share. We’re glad you could share them with us!”

– Bev Anderson, Plymouth, MN


“What a privilege you have been given by God to be able to spend your life-giving His love away to your listeners. What a wonderful ministry God has entrusted to you.”

– Alfie Edberg, St. Louis Park, MN


“You are a lovely woman with a sweet spirit and warm heart. Thank you for sharing from your heart the things of God, today and helping us to know the heart of Corrie ten Boom better.”

– Mary Carlson, Minneapolis, MN



“Thank you for the delightful program that you shared at our ladies’ luncheon. God has certainly found someone in you to share His message and you do it in such a charming and memorable way. Continue your winsome ways and I hope to hear you again in the future!”

– Peggy Christenson, Mahnomen, MN



“You are a joy – thanks for bringing us abundant tidings of comfort and joy to our Christmas Tea.” – Dawn Grespan, Oakdale, MN


"Our St. Valentine's celebration especially for single women was a beautiful evening! We have received three e-mails and many personal thanks after the fact. The women were blessed, encouraged, and entertained! Your program was a perfect fit and they were all with you 100% of the way! Thank you so much for being used by God in this way. I am sure we will want to have you again."

– Jan Lopez, Richfield, MN

“Have you ever said “yes” to something and thought later, “Why did I make that commitment?” That happened to me during the busy Christmas season. I was invited to a Christmas Tea featuring storyteller Pati Kachel. Did I really have a morning to sip tea and listen to a storyteller?


Then I heard Pati’s presentation. I left thinking, Wow! That was one of the most memorable presenters I’ve ever heard! With her humorous, heartwarming, and Christ-focused storytelling, she personally touched me with stories that made my own Christmas past and present more meaningful. Was I ever glad I had come! She is simply one of the most joy-filled women I have ever met and I’m very excited that I will have the opportunity to hear more of her stories at the upcoming women’s retreat she is presenting for our church called, Daughters of Divine Design.”


- Cheryl Sjaarda, Plymouth, MN

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