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Story Programs

Pati offers a variety of story programs. 
Seasonal Story Programs

Love Stories to Warm Hearts

Planning a St. Valentine's Day Banquet? Invite Pati to share all kinds of love stories with your audience. A hopeless romantic, she loves life, loves people and has learned the meaning of True Love. With humore and honesty, she presents the greatest love story ever told...

the Love of God.

Irish Tales and Other Blarney

Add meaning and merriment to your St. Patrick's Day celebrations with enchanting stories of saints, poems, ancient prayers and Celtic songs.

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Cultivate contentment in your life with the help of the Divine Gardener. Pati shares biblical principles to joyfully grow and flourish in your life. A blooming good program for a spring gathering with a gardening theme.

Father Knows Best,

But Mom Knows Better

Want to plan a meaningful Mother & Daughter event? In this amusing presentation, take a little stroll down memory lane to recall the wise words of our mothers. A sure-to-be-remembered program with audience participation, which honors mothers and their significant role in our lives.


Don't Miss the Boat!

Add some "son-shine" to your summertime gathering. Listen and learn Biblically based wisdom on how to keep your friendships sailing smoothly. A fun, nautically-themed message with ideas on how to be a faithful friend. Pati's personal stories are sure to enrich and encourage you to cruise through life with Christ as the captain of your relationSHIPS.


Move Over, Martha Stewart!

You and your home can become vessels for God to touch lives of many people. You will hear some great ideas to help you open your heart and your home in the ministry of hospitality and fulfill the command of jesus to love your neighbors.


Stories of Thanks-Living

Prepare hearts of joyful gratitude around Thanksgiving time with this colorful feast of stories about God's goodness and abundant provision. Images of harvest time and family time are shared through treasured remembrances, scripture, songs,and poetry for living a thankful life. 


Christmas Presence

Ideal for an Advent season service or Christmas tea. Pati Joyfully weaves together festive music, light-hearted poems, tender Christmas stories, and audience participation to help keep Christ in the center of our celebrating.


Tidings of Comfort and Joy

The scriptures tell us it was the angels who announced the “Glad Tidings” about the Savior’s birth. With remembrances from the classic film, It’s A Wonderful Life  Pati includes stories about the bumbling angel named Clarence Oddbody with what the scripture says about God's angels and their true role in His kingdom. This program includes some poetry, songs and audience participation. A reminder of the truth that our Comforter and the angels are ever present to come to our aid in answer to our prayers.

Women's Retreats

A Time For Everything
Under Heaven

Our lives have many different seasons in them. Through telling personal faith stories and singing her gentle songs, Pati shares her practical insights into the timeless truths of chapter three of the book of Ecclesiastes. Her listeners will discover, “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven.” Presented during four separate one-hour-long sessions, this format allows retreatants time for fellowship, meals, and recreation time together, all within a restful and reflective structure. Small group discussion sheets and helpful handouts of the scriptures applicable to everyday life are provided. 


Give Me A Break!

Are you stressed or blessed? The Bible has all kinds of helpful and humorous stress management tips. Learn God’s remedy for a balanced life with scriptural truths and helpful stories. Listeners will learn how to get their spiritual batteries recharged. An excellent talk for a day retreat, offering time for personal reflection and refreshment.


Just A Closer Walk

Pati opens her suitcase of memories from her travels around the world to share testimonies, true stories and songs of how God has heard and answered many prayers in her life. A message to encourage people to pray, wait and trust in God’s faithfulness every step of the way. Prayer helps make the journey of life more joyful!


Hang on to Your Hope

A collection of scriptures, stories and songs

to encourage you to persevere through those difficult and discouraging times that we all face. Hope is a gift from Heaven to help us on earth.

God's Timing is Perfect

This program includes scripture, songs, and stories about the sovereignty of God to wait on  the Lord to answer your prayers.

Crowd-Pleasing Story Programs


"Ya Sure, I’m A Norvegin Luteran”

Pati shares captivating stories honoring her heritage as a Norwegian Lutheran. With songs, humor and historical information she tells tales of her pioneer ancestor’s immigration from Norway to their Minnesota homestead by Paynesville. She has performed this show at The Mindekirken, numerous Sons of Norway lodges, and countless Lutheran churches around the Midwest. Pati is a founding member of the Pauline Fjelde Daughters of Norway Lodge #51 of Minneapolis. Do even Norwegian bachelor farmers love this show? Ya sure, you betcha!


A Patchwork Quilt of Heartwarming Stories

Very popular presentation. Pati creatively sews together a comforting quilt of several short stories about people whose inspiring lives have added color and craziness to her own life. Her listeners will be kept in stitches with these meaningful messages that are sure to warm their hearts. Ideal for a fall or winter event.


Heart Strings & Apron Strings

Aprons represent people who have loved us and served us. Pati presents her colorful collection of vintage aprons and the enchanting stories of the people who wore them. She lovingly honors the memory of all of those industrious “church basement” mothers and grandmothers with her good humor, poems, songs and tender tales.


Tales of A Tea-Totaler

Whimsical presentation of the many delightful personal stories, poems and songs about “taking tea,” which Pati has collected during her many travels to Great Britain and Ireland. In her warm and sincere manner, Pati closes with a gentle invitation for her listeners to let Jesus “fill their cup” and refresh them with His company. Invite guests to this program which is designed as a creative evangelism opportunity.


The Glad Hatter

Pati brings along and artistically displays her wonderful collection of vintage hats. As she puts them on, she magically becomes the colorful characters who once wore them. You will be introduced to her merry-hearted Grandma and her eccentric Grand Aunt. You will meet the generous Miss Fanny and the remarkable Ruby Wilson whose mission in life was to beautify the earth. Pati is a member of The Red Hat Society and has presented this program at many area chapters. You’re invited to wear a hat and share a story, too!


A Cup of Kindness - Encouragement for Caregivers

In recent years, Pati has been through some significant health challenges and knows firsthand the importance of the supportive presence of others to help us get through to the other side of the mountain. She has carefully crafted a collection of gentle stories, tender songs and scriptures to strengthen and affirm those who serve as caregivers to others. 


Lasting Impressions - Encouragement for Educators

Dedicated teachers can make lasting and lifelong impressions on their students. Pati shares personal and funny stories about her favorite elementary and high school teachers that profoundly and positively impacted her life. A touching tribute to inspire teachers.

Dad, Dementia and Donuts

With humor and candor Pati tells stories about her experiences as a caregiver to her dad, who contended with dementia for the last decade of his life. Listeners will be touched with laughter and tears as they connect with these hilarious and endearing recollections of her forgetful father. Pati’s words will bring consolation and comfort to people whose lives have been touched by someone with dementia. This presentation would also be appropriate for honoring dads around Father’s Day or for a men’s fellowship gathering.

In God's Waiting Room

Sometimes we pray and pray about situations and concerns in our lives and God asks us to just wait for His answer. While we are waiting, God is still working behind the scenes, orchestrating the details and arranging the perfect timing for His sovereign plan to unfold. I will share some songs and scriptures that have encouraged my heart and given me peace as I have waited upon the Lord to make His highest and best plans come to pass in my life. I will share how God has come through for me in miraculous ways when I have put my trust in Him and in His perfect timing. This is a FUNSHOP, not a workshop!


Celebrating Singleness

Sometimes God's wonderful plan for our lives does not include marrying a charming prince and living happily ever after. Pati shared encouraging scripture, songs, and insights about how God has helped her to joyfully embrace the gifts of solitude and singleness.


I Love to Tell the Stories...

And You Can, Too!

This is an equipping workshop (or funshop) designed to introduce participants to the oral tradition of storytelling. With helpful handouts and small group exercises, begin learning how to share your own stories. These same skills can be applied to tell unforgettable Bibke stories. Listen, learn and take the leap into the welcoming world of wonderful storytellers.


Literary & Educational

When founding The Parable Fund our intent was to partner with elementary classroom teachers and homeschool educators to enrich the learning experiences of their students.

Pati has presented the following story programs in large assemblies held in school auditoriums and gymnasiums. They also have been well-received in more intimate settings within libraries, classrooms and living rooms. 



Anne of Green Gables

An inspiring and educational program about Lucy Maud Montgomery, the Canadian author of the charming Anne of Green Gables book series. Dressed in vintage Victorian costume, Pati will invite you on a little journey to Prince Edward Island. Enjoy the humor and wisdom of that unforgettable literary character, Anne Shirley. A collection of antiques, PEI artifacts, books and photographs are also displayed for the audience to enjoy viewing.


Meet Miss Beatrix Potter

Well-loved children’s book author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter is illuminated through this colorful presentation. In Meet Miss Potter, Pati authentically portrays this interesting watercolor artist and conservationist in Victorian costume and with British accent. She tells her life story and the inspiration for her bestselling book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Potter’s illustrations, photos, vintage artifacts and clothing are displayed for viewers to have a window into her creative world. 

Jane Austen

An informative and insightful program about the beloved English novelist, Miss Jane Austen. She was a pioneer of women making their living through writing. Austen penned seven of the best-selling books of all time, including Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

Dressed in Regency period costume, Pati shares about the life and times of this gifted author. Austen memorabilia and British artifacts are displayed to enrich the learning experience.


Because of the recent film adaptations of Jane Austen's works, many high school students have a new appreciation for English literature. Serving as a guest presenter, Pati shares creative resources with teachers and their students to help make learning about cultural history an enjoyable experience. 

Story Portraits of Inspiring Women



Through the imagery of story and song, Pati paints the portraits of amazing Christian women through the centuries, whose contributions to the world have left a legacy worth remembering. With humor and historical commentary, listeners will be inspired by the achievements and accomplishments of these heroines of Heaven. Each one-hour-long program features the life story of one of these inspiring believers. These programs have been creatively scripted to motivate and encourage today’s women of all ages to serve Christ with their whole hearts.Some are costumed characterizations in which Pati impersonates the woman telling her story in the first person narrative style.and others are presented  and others are story portraits





Conversations with

Corrie ten Boom

Corrie and her courageous Christian family helped hundreds of Jewish people during the Nazi occupation of Holland during WWII. The captivating story of their work in “God’s Underground” is retold in this enthralling program called, Conversations With Corrie. Dressed in costume and with Dutch accent, Pati transforms herself to authentically portray 82-year-old Miss Corrie ten Boom recalling “The Hiding Place” years. Listeners will be deeply touched by the wisdom and insight of this unforgettable communicator of God’s love.

Please note that this program runs 75-minutes- long with no intermission.


Gems From Corrie's Crown

In our encore dramatization called, Gems From Corrie’s Crown, Pati portrays Miss Corrie ten Boom sharing the godly wisdom gained from her travels as she tramped around the world for the Lord. This program features the very essence of who Corrie was and the very best of what she wrote and published after the war to encourage the hearts of fellow Christians. 


Katharina von Bora Luther

Katharina was the wife of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther. Her life was a shining reflection of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31. In this program, Katie Did It All!, listeners will be introduced to her interesting life as a supportive wife, godly mother and happy homemaker.


Susanna Wesley

This wise woman spent her lifetime studying scripture, praying, teaching and making disciples. Oh Susanna! is our tribute to this extraordinary English mother and pastor’s wife. Her devotion to Jesus Christ profoundly influenced the spiritual destiny of her many children, including John, Charles and Samuel Wesley. For this presentation Pati actually portrays Susanna, wearing a 17th Century costume. She tells her remarkable life story in the first person narrative style, complete with a British accent!


Florence Nightingale 

The Lady With A Lamp tells of Flo’s decision to leave the expectations of British high society to answer God’s call to service. She diligently persevered to elevate the role of nurses and brought lifesaving reforms to healthcare. 





Mother Teresa

She walked through the streets of India answering her divine call to serve the poorest of the poor. Teresa shared God’s love, joy and compassion with this needy world, one person at a time. In Treasures from Teresa, listeners will hear how she put her Christian faith into action and how they can too!


Ruth Bell Graham

She was the beloved wife of evangelist Billy Graham and the mother of their five children. Told through words from her personal journals and poetry, Pati shares the wonderful wisdom, warmth and wit of this gifted writer. A delightful collection of photographic memories is displayed, making The Life and Legacy of Ruth Bell Graham a real crowd pleaser.


Helen Keller

Her eyes could not see, her ears could not hear, but she had a strong will, a clever mind and a heart of gold. Through her writing and speaking, God used Helen Keller’s life story to bring hope and inspiration to others with hindered abilities. This presentation is titled, A Bright Light in a Dark World.








Amy Carmichael 

This determined and devoted Irish lass served as a missionary, rescuing thousands of needy children in the streets of India. She founded an orphanage, a mission, and wrote many books, poems and beautiful hymns.

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