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Pati Kachel is a member of STORY ARTS OF MINNESOTA.

SAM is an organization that promotes the craft of storytelling and supports performers to develop as creative artists. Here is what the SAM website features about her work:



Pati Kachel of



Pati Kachel tells original stories that encourage, delight and inspire. Her stories are heartwarming, humorous, memorable and meaningful.


Her one-woman shows creatively incorporate singing, colorful hats, costumes, poetry, and a smattering of stage props. Audiences of all ages easily receive her gentle voice and joyful spirit.


For the past 35 years she has performed her story productions in churches, retreat centers, conference centers, schools, libraries, living rooms, homeschool co-ops, camps, senior residences, hospitals, universities, prisons, coffeehouses, tea rooms and bookstores. 


She has traveled extensively, having presented story programs from Pittsburgh to Seattle and throughout the Midwest. Internationally, she has performed in Canada and the Netherlands.


For over three decades she has belonged to Salt of the Earth Storytelling Circle, an ecumenical fellowship of Biblical storytellers.


Many of Pati’s favorite stories tell of women who have changed the world in large and small ways.

She specializes in performing her costumed characterizations of Christian women of history: 

Corrie ten Boom, Katharine von Bora Luther, Susanna Wesley and Florence Nightingale to name just a few. She also presents costumed tributes to women authors including Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter and Lucy Maud Montgomery. She presents intimate story portraits of inspiring women of faith like Mother Teresa, Helen Keller and Ruth Bell Graham.


Pati has thoroughly researched her topics for historical accuracy, but seasons all her story scripts with plenty of good humor. She keeps spectators fully engaged and makes learning fun for her listeners!


Excelling in the use of foreign language accents she authentically tells stories with Norwegian,German, Dutch, British, Irish, Canadian and regional American accents. Audiences everywhere are captivated by her ability to transport them to these charming lands with her voice and imagery. 


Pati is available to present all of these story programs through THE PARABLE FUND. This nonprofit organization's mission is to educate, enrich and entertain listening audiences through excellent presentations. This is accomplished by sharing earthly stories based on scriptural truth communicating Judeo-Christian values. 


With over 35 original story productions in her repertoire, she offers something for every kind of venue.

View the wide variety of story programs on THE PARABLE FUND website to find the best story program match to meet your needs. Contact her to receive a comprehensive brochure.


Pati welcomes the opportunity to provide wholesome family friendly, edifying and entertaining stories.



P.O. Box 270006

Vadnais Heights, MN 55127


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